10 inch Digital Picture Frame with 1920×1080 IPS Screen Digital Photo Frame Adjustable Brightness, Photo Deletion, Timing Power On/Off, Background Music Support 1080P Video, SD Card and USB


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as of 11/28/2021 (Details)

Quick Operation Guide Easy to Use 1. Please tear off the protective film of the photo frame with a green sticker. 2. Please connect the power supply with the AC adapter in the package. 3. Please insert the SD card or USB drive which already contains your photo. 4. The frame is working now. Tips for Using 1. How to set the date and time ▶ Select "Setup" - "Calendar Setup" - to set your time and date 2. How to set random play ▶ Select "Setup" - "Photo Random Slideshow" - to choose "Random" 3. How to set Photo Size ▶ Select "Setup" - "Photo Ratio" - to choose "Original Size" 4. How to delete photo ▶ Select "Menu" - "Browser" choose photo you want to delete then click "right click" behind the photo frame Frequently Asked Questions 1. Why does my photo frame screen have a green sticker? Answer: It is a film used to protect the photo frame from scratching in shipping. Please use this green sticker to tear off the film. 2. Why can't my SD card be recognized? Answer: Please choose 8-128GB, Class 10 SD card. Please make sure the photo frame has been turned on first and then the insert card. 3. Why is my photo distorted? Answer: Please set the photo size to the original size in the settings. 4. How to preview photos? Answer: For image preview, there are two ways: ① Click the menu button on the back of the photo frame while the photo frame is playing.  ② When the photo frame is playing, please click EXIT on the remote control.   5. How to delete photos? Answer: Click on the "Menu" button on the back of the photo frame and select "Browser" to find the photo you want to delete - click on "Right click" to delete

Technical Details

  • ❤ Wide Viewing Angle IPS Screen with Adjustable Brightness : 178 Degree Wide Viewing Angle IPS screen and 1920x1080 resolution lets you get clear, rich and vibrant colors photo on the front or side like your iPad. You can also adjust the brightness (0-100) of the screen according to the room light.
  • ❤ Image Preview and Auto Rotation: This 10 inch photo frame has a unique image preview function, which is very easy to find the picture you want in hundreds of pictures. With the help of remote control or menu button, you can easily delete any files you don't want. The frame adjusts automatically the direction of the photo whether your photo is horizontal or vertical.
  • ❤ Multiple Photos Displaying Simultaneously: This digital photo frame has multiple slide modes, you can choose Single or Two or Triple or Four photos to be displayed on the screen at the same time. Of course you can choose to play your photos randomly or sequentially, you can choose 10 slideshow switch effects.
  • ❤ Plug and Play: Please turn on the power, then plug in SD card (up to 128GB, sd card not included), the frame will automatically play your photo. You can choose the size of the photo in the settings to avoid distortion of the photo, easy to use.
  • ❤ With Background Music: You can download your favorite music to the SD card. When you enjoy your photo, the concert will give you a more pleasant atmosphere. More interesting features clock, calendar, auto power on/off, picture zoom and 360 degree rotation are waiting for you to explore. We provide 24-hour after-sales service and 12-month warranty for each customer.

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