(14×6 inch) Oval Proofing Basket Set by Bread Story– Oval Banneton/Brotform Handmade Unbleached Natural Cane Bread Baking Kit with Cloth Liner – Course Discount, Coupon

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Need the perfect basket for making bread? Buy the BREAD STORY OVAL PROOFING BASKET SET! Our top-quality set allows using PROOFING, BANNETON, or BROTFORM techniques for making premium, quality artisan bread every time. WHAT MAKES BREAD STORY’S BASKET SET SPECIAL? A Bread Basket that is handmade & handcrafted, able to hold up to 3 pounds of dough A Cloth Liner that is detachable & hand washable. PLUS OURS INCLUDES: Professional use & cleaning instructions with a QR Code Present link FREE downloadable Professional Sourdough Baked at Home Ebook by Teresa L Greenway FREE baking course discount for Greenway’s course, Northwest Sourdough (not offered by any competitor) DISCOUNT for future purchases of a round or oval basket FREE subscription to our newsletter with specials The BREAD STORY OVAL PROOFING BASKET SET will make your life simpler with delicious bread baking results each time! The handmade basket is made of unbleached natural rattan cane that is food-safe, non-toxic, & eco-friendly, so it is durable & will last for years. PACKAGE CONTENTS: Oval Basket (10” x 6” x 3.5”) Cloth Liner Flyer E-Book Link Course Discount Polybag RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!  For any reason, if you are not completely satisfied, please contact us. Click the ADD TO CART button to get the BREAD STORY OVAL PROOFING BASKET SET! Perfect for professionals or home baking amateurs.

Technical Details

  • ✔ BEST BREAD BAKING KIT AVAILABLE - Perfect for bread baking lovers, BREAD STORY'S OVAL PROOFING BASKET SET is for professional and amateur bakers - Works for Proofing, Banneton, or Brotform baking techniques - The bread set includes a large oval bowl with a removable cloth liner, ebook on baking sourdough bread, baking class discount, instructions, and future coupon to use - Dimensions are ten inches long, six inches wide, and almost four inches tall;
  • ✔ TOP QUALITY MATERIALS USED - Made of handmade, hand-crafted unbleached natural rattan cane that is eco-friendly, food-safe, and non-toxic, the BREAD STORY'S OVAL BANNETON BASKET SET can hold up to three pounds of dough, the ideal choice for large families;
  • ✔ EASY TO USE AND EASY TO CLEAN - The BREAD STORY'S OVAL BROTFORM BASKET SET is ideal for making all types of bread that need time to rise or expand - With its durable off-white cloth liner that has an elastic edging that stretches for removing, it can be machine or hand washed - Professional use and cleaning with tips are included;
  • ✔ FREE BONUS GIFTS - Not only do you get the Basket and Cloth Liner included in the BREAD STORY'S OVAL PROOFING BASKET SET, but also included in a polybag are a Flyer with a QR code for a FREE Present, "Professional Sourdough Baked at Home" Ebook by Teresa L Greenway, and a Discount Coupon for the baking course, "Northwest Sourdough," by the author;
  • ✔ ORDER WITH ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK - With our no-questions-asked, hassle-free satisfaction guarantee, you are covered - If you aren't completely satisfied with the BREAD STORY'S OVAL BANNETON BASKET SET, contact us immediately to resolve the issue - PLACE YOUR ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE today and get the oval basket, liner, ebook, and discounts.

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