16 Foot Outdoor Home Theater

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Ditch the cineplex with its 12-dollar snacks, cellphone symphonies and long lines for the comfort of your own back yard. The SilverScreen Backyard Theater Series gives you everything you need to host a spectacular big-screen presentation of your own -- an entire backyard movie theater in a box! (Okay, you have to supply your own snacks.) You get: 1. Optoma X316 Projector 2. 16' diagonal QuikScreen and frame 3. Pair of 8" SAVI Speakers -- 1 "active" (w/amplifier) and 1 "passive" (fed by connection to the active speaker) 4. Pair of easy-setup speaker stands 5. WIFI Bluray Player 6. 4 tie-out stakes 7. 4 10' cam buckle web straps with hooks 8. 25' audio speaker cable (¼" cable with 2 pairs of RCA connectors) 9. 25' ¼' X Speakon speaker cable (to connect active and passive speakers) 10. 20' outdoor extension cord 11. 3-way electrical splitter 12. Gear bag (holds all cables, stakes, cam buckles, extension cord and other accessories) 13. Media/storage cabinet (lockable heavy-duty plastic cabinet on wheels) You'll find the SilverScreen Backyard Theater Series ideal for: • Neighborhood movie or TV screenings • Watching sports playoffs or championships with friends • Wedding, engagement or graduation video presentations • Gaming parties • Any other video media you want to share with your friends, family and neighbors! Easy setup and takedown, gorgeous visuals and heart-pumping audio - what more do you need for an immersive, fun home theater experience? Bring the big screen to you with the SilverScreen Backyard Theater Series.

Technical Details

  • Optoma Projector, Huge screen, Sound system, Blu-ray + WIFI & more
  • SAVI Loudspeakers
  • No loud blowers required to keep screen up!
  • Portable Media Travel Case stores almost everything!
  • Everything is included all you provide is the movie!

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