24 Inch 44 Bottles, Sinoartizan Built-in Dual Zone Wine Refrigerator Cooler

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Size: 24+20 bottles | Color: Stainless Steel and black This wine cooler fridge by Sinoartizan, designed to store white wine in the upper zone while red in the lower one also caters for laying large bottles on the first layer below, delivers a diversity of functionality over its compact size.Adjustable feet: Our compact wine cooler, flexible in height when you install it under counter or freestanding, and provides the front vent with a better ventilation environment in the meantime .Tinted double-layer tempered glass door: The door made of strong rigidity glass with stainless steel trimmed, outer layer tinted, good anti-pressure, blocks UV and strong glare as well.Dual zone: Designed to store white wine in the upper zone while red in the lower one, allows you to have a section for either storage or both wine service.Removable Wooden Shelves: Removable shelves with rolling guide, flexible to accommodate various types of wine bottles, also makes it possible when you want to store large wine bottles.Constant temperature storage: Botton-free design for easy operation, a wide range of 41- 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the upper zone while 50- 64 degrees Fahrenheit in the lower one, with double mini built-in electric fans, stable refrigeration, and no-vibration.A section for either storage red or white or both wine service, a perfect choice to a wine lover ever!Pretty black unibody with stainless steel front vent, extremely simple design, brought you a sense of little bit fancy, a practical luxury, plus dual zone temperature control, this dual zone wine fridge cooler will be a really "cool" helper to your home. PLEASE NOTE: The capacity is ONLY achieved if ALL stored bottles are standard-sized 750ml 2.75" Bordeaux bottles. To accommodate larger bottles or cans, the capacity will be relatively reduced as one or two shelves will need to be removed.

Technical Details

  • Dual Temperature control - Designed to store white wine in the upper zone with temperature range from 41-50 degrees F, while red in the lower zone with temperature range from 51-64 degrees F.
  • Soft Light - White gentle LED light, optimizes the visual appeal inside whenever showcasing your wine collection. Once the light is turned on, it will automatically off after 10 minutes all out of protecting the wines insides.
  • Reversible Door - Left or right, change which way the door swings open to make it perfect for your kitchen and home.
  • Refrigerant R600a - Generally used for household refrigerators, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.
  • Added Security - Lockable Door keeps your precious wine always safe on guard. More info please reach us via sinoartizan@outlook.com

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