3 Piece, Genuine Czech, Etched, Crystal Glass Nail File Set, Green/Blue-Small, Medium, and Pedicure Files


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as of 08/02/2021 (Details)

Green/blue, 3 piece nail file set. Made in the Czech Republic. Spoil yourself with this top quality, double-sided, Czech, 3 piece file set protective sleeves. These are NOT made in China and contain no lead. They are made in the Czech Republic. They are also used by many celebrities. Set includes 1-small (3 1/2 inch), 1-medium (5 1/2 inch) for manicures, and 1-large (7 1/2 inch) file for cracked heels and calluses. If you should drop your file on a hard surface, it is designed to break in a blunt fashion. Other types of files that have not been through the tempering and hardening process can splinter and cause injury. The grit on the small and medium file is approximately 200-220 grit and on the large file is approximately 180 grit. Please note, the "grit" is etched into the crystal glass. The cheap imitations have grit bonded onto the surface of the file and wear down quickly. That is the reason these Czech files cost more. These are the best ones made! You get what you pay for! You'll remember the quality long after you forget the price.

Technical Details

  • GUARANTEED to never wear out or wear down. (by manufacturer)
  • Safe for diabetics. Non-abrasive, will not harm or tear delicate skin.
  • Tempered and hardened for durability and safety. They are 100% lead free.
  • These files are perfect for use on artificial and natural nails. They breeze throught airport security.
  • Set includes 1-small (3 1/2 inch), 1-medium (5 1/2 inch), and 1-large (7 1/2 inch) file plus protective sleeves.

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