4K Video Capture Card – PCI-Express – HDMI 1.4a

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The XI100DE-HDMI-4K supports the latest HDMI 1.4a standard and 4K ultra-HD resolution. 4K is a new resolution standard of digital movie and digital contents. The lateral resolution is 400 pixels. 4K can display ten millions pixels at least. The dedicate degree is 4 times than HD. At such resolution, audience can see every detail or close-up of the image clearly. With the bright color and clear words, 4K TV will definitely become the trend of the future TV. It provides high-quality HDMI input, and has self-adaptive equalizer. It can support 30-meter HDMI input cable, which can fully satisfy users' requirements in specific environments. It provides quad HDMI inputs with 2 extended any interface and 2 on the board, which can be connected to the front end of the chasiss. Users can select any interface to capture signals.It has the function of adjusting colors, which can adjust the image contrast, brightness, color saturation, hue and Gamma. The brightness and contrast of R, G, B can be set separately, and it provides motion-adaptive de-interlacing. The moving image will have not the phenomenon of trailing, which ensures a clearer moving image. It adopts standard AV Stream driver and is compatible with various kinds of audio and video capture software based on DirectShow interface or audio capture software based on DirectSound interface, such as Windows Media Encoder, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Real Producer Plus, and VideoLAN for Windows, while you do not need to do the secondary development. he real-time high-quality capture can get full resolution ultra-HD uncompressed signals. The program generated by ultra-HD material can be captured at its original image quality. The real image capture will not lead to compressed video which may have any lose or lower image quality. By the high-quality material, you can fully display your creativity.

Technical Details

  • Capture one channel 4Kx2K HDM Ultra HD signal
  • 4096x2160@30fps or 3840x2160@30fps for Ultra HD input signal
  • Capture LPCM audio signal via HDMI
  • Microsoft AVStream standard dr iver, support majority multimedia video software or streaming media software
  • Super small size: 1 22.18mmx 68.88 mm , Low - Profile standard

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