6X DHA Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement – Highest DHA – Triglyceride Omega 3 equals >2000mg, Burpless, 6X Absorption, with Vitamin D3 & Astaxanthin – 60 Capsules


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as of 11/30/2022 (Details)

Your search for the perfect High DHA Omega-3 Fish Oil is finally over. When you purchase Nutrusta DHA Omega-3 Ultra today, here's what you should do: When that familiar little box from Amazon arrives at your door, rip it open and take out the bottle, tear away the Amazon sticker and read the ingredient facts carefully. You have in your hands a 100% Natural Triglyceride, 6:1 DHA/EPA ratio fish oil with Vitamin D3 and Astaxanthin. You'll note there's no soy and it's non-GMO. And you'll see all those fancy certifications such as Made In USA, GMP Quality Assured and Vesisorb®. Now tear open the shrink wrap and remove the protective seal. Pop one of the 0.75inch, red capsules into your mouth and swallow with water, juice whatever! Note how super easy it is to swallow and no weird fishy taste! Have peace of mind knowing there won't be any fish burps with our pure, fresh and highly soluble fish oil! What separates the Nutrusta DHA Omega-3 Ultra from the competition? It's really simple, it starts with VESIsorb®, a clinically-proven delivery technology which enables fish oil molecules to be 600% better absorbed than other brands. With Nutrusta DHA Omega-3 Ultra, the VESIsorb® technology delivers 100% of the nutrients to support your cells, brain, muscles and organs. It's because of this we're able to make a guarantee unlike any other you're seen for fish oil and here it is...Try Nutrusta DHA Omega-3 Ultra for 60 days. If during that time you don't love the benefits it offers or feel it's not worth every penny of your investment today, we'll give your payment back, no questions asked. So order now and when you do consider getting three...one for you and another two for your loved ones.

Technical Details

  • ✔POTENT: Favorable 6:1 DHA-to-EPA ratio that more closely matches the actual Omega-3 fatty acid ratio found in cell membranes.
  • ✔ABSORBABLE: Natural triglyceride (TG) omega-3s, a bio-identical form sourced from anchovy that is 70% more absorbable than synthetic ethyl-esther (used in majority of fish oil). Made with 100% water-soluble VESIsorb®, a patented technology that enables 6X greater absorption than regular fish oil supplements.
  • ✔PURE & CLEAN: Supercritical C02 extraction technology purifies and encapsulates without oxygen exposure, yielding a clean DHA supplement with NO rancidity. Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, GMP Quality Assured & Made in USA. BPA-free bottles.
  • ✔ADVANCED & AFFORDABLE: "3-in-1" Formula with AstaREALTM astaxanthin for protective antioxidant support and vitamin D3 to promote overall wellness. 1 DHA Omega-3 Ultra capsule will replace 6 fish oil pills of similar dosage. No need for 500mg, 600mg, 1000mg DHA supplements.
  • ✔CONVENIENT: Easy to swallow, easy to digest, and no fishy taste or fishy gastric side effects like some other DHA supplements. Works even better together with Nutrusta Ubiquinol Ultra (ASIN:B00KB2XSG0).

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