700 Poop Bags, Dog Waste Bags, Pet Waste Bags, Durable Premium Bulk Refill Rolls , Black + Leash Bone Dispenser


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as of 06/24/2024 (Details)

PETICA'S LUXURY PREMIUM DOG POOP BAGS WITH DISPPENSER Dog poop is every pet owner's nuisance; especially if you have to keep picking it up with tissue paper when you take your dog for a walk. Many pet owners will agree that they often dread taking their pets for walks in public places, when they do not have the right kind of poop bag to pick up droppings after their dog. So, say goodbye to messy dog poop pickings and say hello to the top-of-the line Poop Bags with a Dispenser from Petica! These top of the range Poop Dog Waste Bags will give you great benefits like; - Infinity use: Contains 700 poop bags! It is such an enormous supply that it feels like it will last forever! - Great package: The package even comes with a poop bag dispenser. Its design is logical-bone shaped, and it attaches quite well to the leash without falling off. - Bigger space: these dog poop waste bags are quite big and they can be used for larger dog breeds. They make a good sized waste bag. - Easy to use: The bags are perfect to use on the go. They have little perforations that make tearing quite easy and without a fuss. - Durability: They are very sturdy and are thicker than most waste bags, so you do not feel like you are picking the poop with your bare hands. - Great value: These are absolutely must-haves for every pet owner. They come in very handy when you and your dog are taking a stroll. They do not tear, so with these incredible poop bags, you are able to keep the environment dog poop free. What more would you want in a poop bag? To sweeten the deal, we are also offering you a Money-back guarantee so there's nothing to lose at all.

Technical Details

  • 700 pet waste bags
  • 20 bags per roll, 35 rolls + Leash Bone Dispenser
  • Sturdy bags
  • Color: Black (Bag Size: 12.5 inch long and 8.6 inch wide)
  • No Leak

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