96% Pure CALCIUM CHLORIDE Snow & Ice Melt Pellets – Pet & Plant Safe – 15lb Pail

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Looking for a safe, easy and effective way to eliminate ice & snow? Calcium Chloride snow and ice pellets are the ideal and safe way to quickly eliminate ice and snow, even from larger areas, such as parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, porches, patios, roofs and more!No harm, no foul. Our pellets are safer than those cheap ice melt products on the market. Our pellets won't kill grass or your beautiful plants, & they won't drastically eat away at concrete or cement. Is it safe for pets? Using around pets is generally very safe and does not pose a major threat, however there are a few tips we can offer. 1. Avoid over exposure of pets walking around where the pellets were applied, if they spend hours walking on the pellets it's possible their feet can get mildly irritated.
 2. Avoid ingesting large amounts, sometime pets are curious and may taste what's on the ground. This will not cause any harm unless large amounts of pellets are swallowed IceMelt vs. Rock Salt - What's the difference? Rock Salt is also known as sodium chloride with a few minerals mixed in for good measure (and for better traction). While its the go-to for many normal winter conditions because of its affordability, it's not the safest option for those who want to protect their pets, plants and concrete because of the high toxicology rating of rock salt. It also only works in temperatures from 15-25 degrees farenheight. Ice melt can be composed of various salts, including calcium, sodium, magnesium or potassium chloride. If it's way under 15 degrees fahrenheit & there's snow & ice around every inch of your property, opt for ice melt. What are you waiting for? Click "Add to Cart" now and order your snow & ice pellets today!

Technical Details

  • MELTS SNOW & ICE 4X FASTER - 4X faster than rock salt by generating exothermic heat that penetrates even through thick snow & ice. Instantly melts ice, frost, and snow with maximum safety and little effort. Apply at beginning of snow storm if possible. Spread pellets evenly over desired area.
  • PERFECT WITH SPREADER EQUIPMENT - Thanks to its round pellet design, perfect to use with inexpensive rotary spreaders. Ideal for covering larger areas and to spread the ice pellets even faster and with less effort.
  • FOR TEMPERATURES AS LOW AS -40 DEGREES: Snow melt pellets work in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The Calcium Chloride Pellets lower the re-freezing temperature of melted ice, to prevent ice from building up again. Perfect for parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, porches, patios, roofs and more!
  • SAFE, ODORLESS & COLORLESS FORMULA: A perfectly safe ice-melt option for pets and plants. Pellets will not destroy or kill grasses, bushes or trees. Ice pellets will not chemically harm decorative landscapes. A safe and easy way to quickly eliminate ice and snow.
  • PERFECT TO USE ON ROOFING: Safe for roofs, leaving no residue and does not track. Ice pellets are used and trusted by homeowners, businesses and municipalities.

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