A Guide for Young Softball Pitchers (Young Player’s)

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Good softball pitchers aren’t born, they are developed. A young player can become a good pitcher, and have a lot of fun along the way. Good pitchers have a couple of things in common. First, they really want to pitch. Second, they are willing to spend the considerable time and effort tocondition, train, and develop their skills.There are several attributes that most really good pitchers possess. They can control their pitches, throw strikes, and throw them with speed. They also have good self-control. The best pitchers know how to win; they have their head in the game and use theirabilities to contribute to a successful team effort.This book will get young pitchers started on the right track to success. With chapters on conditioning, pitching mechanics, the variety of pitches, proper practice, control, game preparation, dealing with batters, fielding, and more, A Guide For Young Softball Pitchers is a complete source for the young pitcher and for all those who coach youth softball, as well as for the parents of young pitchers.

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