AC Infinity LS8038A-X Standard Cooling Fan, 115V AC 80mm by 80mm by 38mm Low Speed


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as of 01/17/2022 (Details)

Overview The low speed 80 by 80 by 38 millimeter 115V AC axial fan is housed in die cast aluminum with thermoplastic blades. Containing long life dual ball bearings, the fan can run continuously for 67,000 hours and be mounted in any direction. Includes a 4 foot power cord which allows the fan to be plugged into a standard outlet; and one 80 millimeter metal fan guard. Cooltron fans are certified by CE, UL, TUV, and RoHS; and found in various Samsung and Eaton servers and UPS systems. Low Speed Low speed fans are quieter but deliver less air than high speed fans of the same size. They are suitable in applications that require good airflow and can tolerate low noise. Applications This model can be found in various low noise applications such as theater cabinets, guitar amps, aquarium lighting, incubators, and more. A higher speed version is also available for high airflow applications. PDF Specification Sheet

Technical Details

  • 115V AC Cooltron Low Speed Fan with Power Plug and Metal Guard
  • Case Size: 80 x 80 x 38 mm ( 3.2 x 3.2 x 1.5 in )
  • Airflow: 23 CFM | Noise: 28 dBA | Speed: 2000 RPM | Power: 4 W | Bearings: Dual Ball
  • Low Speed: Has a lower noise and airflow rating than high speed models. Can still be too loud for home applications.
  • Power plug cord can be converted to two AC wires with a wire stripper.

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