Acupressure Massage Sujok Ring in Assorted Colors Set of 4 pcs


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Su-jok is divided in two parts-'SU' and 'JOK', these means Foot and Hand. Su-Jok therapy worked out by a South Korean scientist Professor Park Jae Woo. it is not only a method of improving health, but also a way of comprehending the fundamental laws of life, establishing connections between classical Western science and knowledge accumulated by the medicine of the Orient, since ancient times. High effectiveness and simplicity of Su-Jok therapy contributes to quick spreading of the method in various countries.

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  • ***FREE GIFT OF TWO ADDITIONAL RINGS i.e. 6 RINGS & FREE ACUPRESSURE POWER THUMB Worth $ 4.99 ***Attractive ring fits every size. Helpful tool in treatment by Su-jok therapy.
  • ***Simply wear the ring in your fingers and rotate in up and down motion for relief from pain from pain body. ***Can also be worn as a fancy item. Available in colours matching your outfit. ***Su-jok therapy ring is used while you study, work on computer, laptop or after playing the guitar, harmonium, tabla and after driving a car. ***Su-jok therapy ring is durable and effective to refresh yourself and relieve overworked hands and fingers.

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