Adult Epson ELPGS03 3D Glasses 3D Heaven Rechargeable Compatible 3-D Glasses


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as of 12/01/2021 (Details)

Adult Epson ELPGS03 + V12H548006 + V12H483001 Compatible 3D Glasses by Ultimate3DHeaven Stylish, light-weight, comfortable, affordable and bright. Our Ultra-Clear HD 3D glasses have a larger viewing area and a clearer image than competitor's 3D glasses and best of all they are rechargeable, meaning there is no hassle of having to change the batteries. Includes carrying bag, cleaning cloth, USB charging cable, and indestructible case. Meets or exceeds the quality and compatibility of the manufacturers' 3D glasses for a fraction of the price. Universal IR + RF 3D Glasses compatible with all Epson Bluetooth - RF + IR 3D Projectors Nothing additional needed - Epson projectors: 750HD, 2000, 2030, 3020, 3020e, 4030, 5020, 5020U, 5030UB, 6020UB, 6030UB and EH-TW 6510 (also compatible with all other Epson RF + Bluetooth 3D Projectors not listed). Epson IR Emitter required - Epson Projectors: 5010, 5010e, 5020UBE, 5020UB, 5030UBE, 6010, 750HD, EH-TW 6500, EH-TW 8000, EH-TW 8500, EH-TW 9000, EH-TW 9000W, EH-TW 9000e (also compatible with all other Epson IR 3D Projectors not listed). Ultra-Clear HD as a registered trademark of Ultimate3DHeaven.

Technical Details

  • Super Soft Durable Black Rubberized Top Quality 3D Glasses (much more comfortable than lower quality standard plastic 3D glasses)!
  • Includes carrying bag, microfiber cleaning cloth, USB charging cable & Indestructible Storage Box/Case!
  • Built in rechargeable battery for added convenience. Best price and overall value!
  • Universal Epson IR + RF ELPGS03 + V12H548006 + V12H483001 Compatible 3D Glasses works with All Epson 3D projectors: 3020, 3020e, 5020, 5020U, 6020UB and 6510 (Full list below)
  • Steel hinges and durable frames ensure a soft comfortable fit. Finally glasses that feel and look as good as designer sunglasses!

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