Advantage Flea Killer for Dogs, TEAL, 1120LBS. 4 Month Supply, U


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as of 05/23/2024 (Details)

Stop flea infestation as quickly and effectively as possible. Advantage Flea Killer for Dogs is the fastest topical solution for killing fleas, stopping fleas from biting within 3 to 5 minutes after its application. In the time it takes you to read this, your dog could be free of fresh flea bites! The bulk of the work is done within the first 12 hours of the initial application, when Advantage Flea Killer for Dogs kills 98-100 percent of your dog's fleas. But Advantage keeps working after the initial treatment for up to one month. Advantage Flea Killer for Dogs is water-resistant, so your dog can continue his regular routine without diminishing the effectiveness of the medicine.

Technical Details

  • Stops fleas from biting within three to five minutes
  • Starts killing fleas within an hour
  • 98-100% are killed within 12 hours
  • Applied monthly
  • Advantage is applied between the shoulder blades on dogs.

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