AeroHance GasPods (Kit of 9) White Magnetic, Make Vehicles More AeroDynamic To Save Fuel


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as of 03/22/2023 (Details)

GasPods are an unique aerodynamic shape that can significantly increase the aerodynamic efficiency of your car. As all vehicles travel through the air, turbulence, or drag exists where the air disengages from the car's surface. Most apparent areas for drag generation is above the front windshield and behind a vehicle. Its engine must work harder to overcome that drag. Place a kit of GasPods at, or in front of these places, and some of their aerodynamic effect transfers to the vehicle. Whether new or old, with its engine fueled by gas, diesel or electricity, making a vehicle more aerodynamic reduces its work load, which translates into lower fuel consumption.

Technical Details

  • GasPods increase the aerodynamic efficiency of just about any vehicle, resulting in fuel savings whether your car is new or old, fueled by gas, diesel or electricity,
  • Quick and easy¬†install, or remove, GasPods are secured by 2 ultra-powerful, rare earth magnets beneath a padded sole to protect the paint surface
  • CFD analysis, one way the auto industry conducts wind tunnel tests, proved a kit of GasPods placed on a car reduces its drag coefficient by 5.2%-6.7%, which means fuel savings of more than 1 mpg for the car tested
  • Independent field testers driving a minimum of 4000 miles, 2000 without GasPods and 2000 with GasPods on their car, in real world conditions, have recorded fuel savings of between 2% and 17%
  • Also available in Black, Eco Green, Silver or Red

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