Air Gap International (211211) Gap-A-Flow Softener Inline Air Gap


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as of 07/19/2024 (Details)

Provides an in-line air gap, usually installed in the last 5 feet (1.5 meters) of the indirect drain piping and must be in the down leg of the drain line piping. Unit can be tilted at any angle (down as low as 45� angle) when installing if needed, (window opening on top side). Molded clamp groove plus included "Jiffy Clip" enable easy vertical wall mounting as noted in first 2 figures. Unique design incorporates a rotatable splash guard/splatter shield, to eliminate splatter of water droplets out of either air gap opening. Unit approximately 8� (20.32 cm) long. Unit design lab tested at 15 G.P.M. (56.8 Liters/minute). Recommended usage is 1 to 7 G.P.M. (3.7 to 26.5 Liters/minute). All noted threads are American NPT threads. Use the 1/4� F.I.P. threads only with injector* washer (P/N 211207) and with flow rates less than 1 G.P.M. (3.8 liters/minute). (*Injector washer should be fully seated in top of unit. Push washer down using a wooden pencil or similar object.) Inlet port also fits our special couplings (P/N 51023 or P/N 211213). Multiple air gap openings far exceed the code mandated minimum of (1)� vertical. Listed by NSF and UPC. Easily provides full bac

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