Alion Home © Terylene Waterproof Woven Sun Shade Sail – Desert Sand (13 ft 1″ x 9 ft 10″ Rectangle)

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Whether you are trying to stay cool or stay dry, our colorful collection of shades is the solution you've been looking for. - Protect your family, friends and pets from direct sun or keep your stuff dry when it rains. - These are polyester sun shade sails that are more like a canvas than a plastic tarp. - We use stainless steel D rings...our competition uses steel that typically rusts after the first rain. - Get as creative as you want by combining different sizes and colors. - Perfect for patios, pools, backyards, decks, gardens, restaurants, bars, etc. Package Contents:1 Waterproof Sun Shade Sail, Standard Nylon Rope (free gift) Note: No "waterproof" sun shade from any manufacturer is 100% waterproof, then it would be a plastic tarp. If water is allowed to pool in the center of the sail, it will slowly drip through. Some water may also drip through the stitching on the seams, but if the sail is installed at at 30-45 degree angle with enough tension, most rain water will run off. Please refer to the installation illustration. These sails should not replace a tarp if you need to keep something 100% dry.

Technical Details

  • Waterproof sails are made from high density polyester that blocks up to 95% of the sun's UV rays and repels up to 99% of rain water.
  • Colorful, functional, easy to install or take down and can be used almost anywhere you want to keep the sun off.
  • Sails come finished with a double-stitched reinforced seam and STAINLESS steel "D" rings on each corner.
  • Needs to be installed at an angle and pulled tight so that water will run off rather than pool in the middle. 1 Year Warranty under normal usage and weather.
  • Ideal for backyards, patios, decks, gathering areas, pools, gardens or anywhere you need a bit of shade and privacy.

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