All the Seasons of George Winston: Piano Solos


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as of 01/19/2022 (Details)

This CD is a sort of Reader's Digest version of George Winston's renowned solo piano discography. All the Seasons presents 13 abridged selections from Winston's seven solo recordings-- "radio edits" that were supervised, as the liner notes indicate, by the pianist himself. Four "bonus tracks" are also included, and two are quiet, impressionistic gems that compare favorably with Winston's classic Autumn to December period. "Sandman" is an instrumental version of a section from the Meryl Streep-narrated storybook album The Velveteen Rabbit, and "Northern Plains" is a hushed, contemplative jewel, though its abrupt conclusion is a bit odd. Perhaps this, too, is an advanced edit of a piece that will someday be more fully realized. Ultimately, this album is best-suited for listeners unacquainted with Winston's work, since fans are likely to be dismayed when favorites such as "Colors/Dance" and "Joy" travel to unexpected places. For Winston neophytes though, the album offers a decent overview of his first 25 years of recording. --Terry Wood

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