Almost To Tulsa: The Instrumentals


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A must-have for fans of hillbilly jazz! Features some of the hottest picking by the coolest country band in the world, Ernest Tubb's Texas Troubadours. Especially selected from the Troubadours 1960s and '70s LPs for maximum listenability. Includes unreleased recordings. Fans of hot guitar and steel guitar instrumentals are probably well aware of the 1960s Texas Troubadours recordings - an amazing sideline to their main career supporting Ernest Tubb on the endless highway. Now for the first time all the Texas Troubadours instrumentals on one collection, tracks that were previously available only on vinyl or within the third and fourth Ernest Tubb box sets! There are several steel guitar instrumentals by the phenomenal Buddy Emmons, and then features an amazing array of musical pyrotechnics from the great team of Leon Rhodes and Buddy Charleton. If you're a fan of Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant, these recordings are the neutronic 1960s version of Speedy and Jimmy's 1940s atomic power! 36 tracks with a 44 page booklet.

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