Aluminum Range Hood Filter – 5-1/16″ X 7-5/8″ X 3/32″ Pull Tab


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as of 10/18/2021 (Details)

Aluminum Range Hood Filter - 5-1/16" X 7-5/8" X 3/32" Pull Tab, Center - Short SidePART CROSS REFERENCE: Whirlpool 4358853, 56001069 Maycor 57001104 LG 2B72705B, 2B72705C, 5230W1A012B, 5230W1A012A, 5230W1A012C, 5230W1A01B GE WB06X10309 (2 pack) or WB06X10359 or WB06X10654 Attributes: Contains an aluminum foil pad between two pieces of expanded aluminum. Usage: This washable aluminum filter is used in ducted and ductless range hoods and microwave ovens to remove grease from the air. Maintenance: We recommend that the filter be washed as often as required to prevent grease build up and a resultant decrease in air flow. Soak in a solution of hot water and degreaser for 10-20 minutes. Agitate gently to remove loosened grease. A residue of grease on the filter after washing is acceptable as this helps retain grease.

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