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Your body has an internal clock that helps you to stay energized during the day and sleep well at night. Unfortunately, chemical imbalances might cause disruptions to your body's natural rhythms, resulting in poor sleep. Studies suggest that a natural chemical produced by the body called 5 hydroxytryptophan or 5 HTP is essential to maintaining proper chemical balance to promote sleep. This chemical is converted into the sleep-controlling chemical serotonin with the help of calcium and other nutrients. Serotonin not only assists with healthy sleep, may also help with: * Supporting proper mood balance * Helps to Calms the body * Helps to Lower stress * Assists with appetite control Research shows that increasing the amount of HTP 5 hydroxytryptophan in the body may in turn increase serotonin production to ensure a proper balance of chemicals. If your health care professional has recommended that you begin to take a 5 HTP supplement to boost your natural supply of the chemical, Amazing Nutrition Amazing Formulas 5 HTP Supplement is the ideal supplement to take. Amazing Nutrition 5 HTP sleep aid is unique as it is derived from a natural source of 5 HTP, the seeds of the griffonia simplicifolia plant. Our 5 HTP 100 mg capsules provide the body with an easy-to-utilize form of 5 HTP to promote optimal results. We also include calcium in our capsules to supply the raw material needed to convert hydroxytryptophan into serotonin. Choose the 5 HTP supplement that is formulated to give you the optimum results. Promote sleep and proper chemical balance with the 5 HTP that comes from griffonia seed extract, not synthetics made in a lab. Order Amazing Nutrition 5 HTP Supplement and get 120 of our 5 HTP Capsules.

Technical Details

  • ALL NATURAL 5 HTP SUPPLEMENT Amazing Nutrition 5 HTP supplement is made from natural 5 hydroxytryptophan derived from griffonia simplicifolia seeds, not from chemicals
  • OPTIMAL DOSE Just two of our 5 htp 100 mg capsules provide the most frequently recommended amount of hydroxytryptophan to support healthy sleep cycles and promote relaxation
  • CONTAINS NATURAL CALCIUM Your body needs calcium to convert 5 HTP into serotonin to support sleep! That's why there is 128mg of calcium included in each serving of our 5 HTP Capsules
  • GREAT QUALITY GRAET VALUE Our HTP 5 supplement is made in the USA at GMP-certified facilities to ensure quality. We never add artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners to our griffonia seed extract
  • A HEALTHY CHOICE FOR YOUR DIET Supplement is free of sugar, sodium, gluten, starch, milk, lactose, soy, wheat, yeast & fish

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