American Sign Language for Beginners – Flashcards: in ABCs & 123s Pack in Vinyl Pouch

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NEW from Sign2Me® Early Learning (Trusted by more than 2,500,000 happy signers!) . . . are these ABC and 123 Flash Cards with ASL (American Sign Language) Signs! These new durable, laminated Sign2Me® Early Learning ASL Flash Cards are multi-lingual with English, Spanish, and ASL. They re designed to make it fun for everyone to expand their signing vocabulary. The front of each card displays a colorful illustration while the reverse side teaches users how to make the associated sign language sign. Each card is jam-packed with the ASL illustration for its sign along with the English and Spanish words and their phonetic pronunciations, giving the user the three most popular languages used in the United States. This pack includes 36 colorful cards plus a key card. Each pack comes in a heavy duty vinyl storage pouch so you and your child will keep them safe but handy wherever you travel. The ABC and 123 pack contains the letters A to Z plus the numbers 1-10. Each number card also displays a set of colorful dots to help children in developing their pattern-recognition skills. Sign2Me® Early Learning also offers 5 other Flash Card packs to help expand a child s signing skills in a delightfully fun way. The Sign2Me® Early Learning ASL Flashcards lend themselves to a multitude of games that can make learning even more fun for everyone.

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