AMI PARTS RCO810 Hard Start Capacitor Kit 3 In 1 Relay Capacitor Overload for Refrigerator


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as of 07/05/2022 (Details)

AMI PARTS RCO810 Hard Start Capacitor. Includes relay, capacitor, and overload device. 110 to 125 V AC. Compatible with any units that have 1/12 to 1/5 HP compressor systems. Please Note:The brand name or model designation for this product is made solely for purposes of demonstrating compatibility. Installation Instructions: 1. Disconnect power supply. 2. Remove old relay and overload. 3. Push terminal connected to white wire on RCO onto start terminal of compessor. 4. Push terminal connected to red wire on RCO onto run terminal of compressor. 5. Push terminal connected to black wire on RCO onto common terminal of compressor. 6. Connect one line wire which was removed from old relay to one of the line wire of the RCO,using wire nut. 7. Connect other line wire which was removed from the old Overload to other line wire of the RCO,using wire nut.

Technical Details

  • √PARTS NUMBER: RCO810 Hard Start Capacitor.
  • √Replaces part numbers: RCO810, HS810, WRX-8.
  • √Superiority: Saves you a service fee from the appliance guy! Inexpensive way to fix or repair.
  • √QUALITY GUARANTEED: The replacement part is made from durable high quality material and well-tested by the manufacturer.
  • √PROMISE: For any reason you're not completely satisfied, you can ask for a replacement or full refund.

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