Another Ruth


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This is the story of a young widow who journeys with her aging motherinlaw to find the home the old woman left behind many years earlier. The road they travel is harsh and often not navigable, yet with faith, love, and loyalty, Ruth presses on and finds her true home and the unexpected love of a lifetime along the way. This is her story. This is their story. She is the perfect blend of courage and humility. Her faithful heart and poetic sensibilities draw the admiration of the townspeople, most especially Bo Kinsman, “the man who owns everything from here to sunset.” He is too young for the old and too old for the young and painfully aware that he is the last of his line. He is strong and dependable, pragmatic and alone. Their story is a divine one, with spiritual qualities played out in suits of human flesh. The ache to belong, the longing to be loved, and the overarching need to be in the center of the Lord's perfect will gives rise to delight, personal meaning, and satisfaction. Walk the streets of town with Ruth, and meet the men and women she encounters.

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