Anybody Out There?


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Mediterranean flourishes mixed with big rock rhythms and flawless pop hooks propel the debut CD by righteous rockers Burlap to Cashmere out from the crowd of new artists into a territory relatively unoccupied in either the Christian or mainstream marketplace. Familial harmonies resonate against nylon-stringed guitars and catchy worldbeat rhythms, while Steven Delopoulos's sweetly gritty voice gives an instrument to his universally spiritual yet uniquely Christian lyrics. Songs like "Digee Dime," "Basic Instructions," and "Anybody Out There?" percolate with Mediterranean heat. While more-conventional pop tunes like "Eileen's Song," "Treasures in Heaven," and "Mansions" are less distinctive, they display the band's deft skill at pop songcraft as well as its impeccable melodies and playing. A remarkable debut. --Bradley S. Caviness

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