Archgon GL-B107-GR Advanced Computer Eyewear Anti Blue-Light Glasses UV Protection Full Rim with Crystal Lens-Ultem Frame


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as of 10/23/2021 (Details)

Blue light emitted from the screen of computer, TV, and smart phone reaches deeper into your eyes and could cause fatigue, dry eyes, headache, and even permanent damage. Through a patented procedure, a special coating was applied to the lens on the Archgon glasses to block the harmful blue light and UV, thus providing a much needed protection for your eyes. The frame is made by "ULTEM"---a special light weight material---and the glasses would remain comfortable even after long hours of wear. There are several designs of frame to choose from to suit your individual style. The GL-B107-GR glasses has a clear coating, it is designed for use by professional like graphic designer, computer engineer who's work requires ultimate color accuracy, but it is also great for general purpose use. The Archgon glasses come with a 30 days money back return guarantee and a one year warranty.

Technical Details

  • FDA registered. Non-prescription lens. Help reduces symptoms of dry eyes, strain, and headache from long hours of viewing
  • Special coated lens blocks harmful digital blue-light emitted from the screen of your computer, cellular phone, TV, and other electronic devices
  • Clear lens reduces flare and has minimum effect on color accuracy, designed for serious hobbyist, office staff, and professional as well
  • Ultem frame-light, durable, comfortable. Comes with carrying pouch and cleaning cloth
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