ATP Automotive AT-216 Premium Synthetic Multi Vehicle ATF


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as of 07/07/2022 (Details)

ATP AT-216 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is specifically designed to provide the best protection and performance for automatic transmissions and other systems specifying ATF. The formulation incorporates synthetic base stocks that are proven to reduce heat and wear in transmissions, extending the life of the unit. The fluid is resistant to breakdown over time, allowing for the same high level of protection throughout it's service life, without thinning, oxidizing or introducing sludge or varnish into the transmission. It is tested and optimized to perform in all extreme conditions from severe duty such as towing or commercial driving, to extreme heat and cold due to it's high shear stability, film strength and low temperature fluidity. To avoid complexity of hard to find OEM fluids, AT-216 is developed with consideration of all OEM specifications and meets or exceeds the requirements of all ATF types in Domestic, Import and European vehicles (besides CVT or Type F applications.)

Technical Details

  • Synthetic formula protects transmission by reducing internal heat & wear
  • Maintains performance over extended periods by resisting thermal breakdown, oxidation, varnish, and sludge
  • Severe duty and high temperature protection due to a high shear stability and film strength
  • Extreme cold temperature fluidity, flows and lubricates down to -58 degree Fahrenheit
  • Compatible with all Domestic, Import and European vehicles

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