ACDelco 8-2221 Professional Performance Wiper Blade

ACDelco 8-2221 Professional Performance Wiper Blade
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ACDelco Professional Performance Wiper Blades are professional-grade, conventional-style wipers, with a metal frame that is used to keep the blade on the windshield. They feature an easy-fit assembly that removes the need for additional adapters, making replacement simple. The line includes coverage for rear integrated blades as well.ACDelco Professional Wiper Products are an ideal, high-quality replacement for worn GM Original Equipment parts. With conventional wipers like the ACDelco Performance Blade and new technology beam wipers like the Beam Wiper Blade with Spoiler, as well as Heavy Duty Blades, we've got the right wiper product to meet your needs.ACDelco Wiper Products provide high-quality replacement blades and washer pumps for most cars on the road today. Rust-, bend- and chip-resistant, aerodynamically designed to avoid lift and available for a variety of applications, ACDelco Wiper Blades offer the latest in wiper blade technology. And, with your choice of Professional, Specialty and Advantage products, ACDelco can fit your budget as easily as we fit your windshield.

Technical Details

  • Are all metal blades made of high strength steel and natural rubber to fit virtually all wiper arms directly
  • Have epoxy coatings that are corrosion-resistant
  • Have direct-fit connectors that allow for quick and easy installation

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