Polyshield Furniture Polish (16oz)

Polyshield Furniture Polish (16oz)
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Polyshield Furniture Polish, formerly known as Millennium Furniture Polish, is a proprietary, cutting-edge formulation of non-wax, non-abrasive, cleaning and protective polymers designed to remove minor surface scratches, fingerprints, swirl marks, and other minor surface blemishes from your finished furniture, high-gloss pianos, and other household items, resulting in an ultra smooth, high-gloss showroom finish. Each application of Polyshield Furniture Polish will provide long-lasting deep showroom shine and protection against fingerprints, premature fading, alcohol and water stains, ultraviolet light, and other common household hazards. For use on non-porous furniture finishes, lacquer furniture, high-gloss pianos, and other non-porous household items, such as glass, metal, silver, brass, varnished items, shellacked items, glazed items, finished wood, and finished fiberglass surfaces.  Do not use on any porous surface, such as leather, unfinished wood, fabric, or textured surfaces.

Technical Details

  • A non-abrasive, polymer polish that removes swirl marks, fingerprints, and minor surface blemishes from your finished furniture and high-gloss pianos, providing long-lasting, deep showroom shine and protection
  • High-Tech, no-wax formula formulated for high gloss lacquer and other sealed finishes
  • For all non-porous surfaces, such as glass, metal, painted, varnished, lacquer, glazed, shellacked, and fiberglass surfaces
  • Repels fingerprints, removes swirl marks, eliminates fine scratches and blemishes, prevents premature fading, and protects against UV light
  • Maintains an ultra smooth finish and delivers long lasting protection

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