Baby Names for Girls That Really Rock (2014)


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Few things are more exciting - or complex - than choosing a child's name. The stakes are incredibly high; this beautiful little girl, who has no say in the matter, must live with your decision for the rest of her life. Even worse, you must make that decision before you know your daughter's personality and temperament, which determines whether or not the name you have chosen will truly "fit" her. This book presents more than 3,000 names in a logical manner, to help you choose the name that is truly right for your daughter and your family. It omits the unnecessary details that bog down most books, such as esoteric choices from 200 years ago and 20 different spellings of the same name. Instead, it presents every name (and meaning) in practical groupings, to show you various alternatives that might work for your family. Chapters include: The Most Popular Baby Names for Girls A Blast from the Past - Top Names from the Past Decades Christian & Biblical Names Names from Literature & Mythology Names from Popular Culture / the Entertainment Industry Names based on First Ladies & Presidential Daughters Names from Disney Names that are Ideals or Concepts Names from Nature Last Names as First Names Named After Famous Places One Syllable Names Lengthy (Four Syllable) Names Unisex / Gender Neutral Names Popular African-American Names Popular Hispanic Names Popular Asian Names Top 10 Names for Girls in Other Countries Names with Similar Meanings Names that Sound Alike Appendix: An Alphabetical List of Names for Girls For something this important, you need a helpful reference to guide your decision making in a logical way. You need Baby Names for Girls That Really Rock (2014).

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