Baby Names: The Way They Should Be Organized!


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Updated for 2015! The Social Security Administration comes out with their data for the previous year every May. This book is newly updated with the 2014 rankings. The first thing you’ll notice about this book is the way it is organized. My book is not alphabetical by first letter. This made it harder for me to put together, but I do believe it will be much easier for expecting parents to read through. The names in my book are alphabetized by their ending sounds. For example, the boy names Casey and Pacey are now next to each other. There are over 2800 names here, but my lists are not padded with alternate spellings of the same name, i.e.: Rachel and Rachael. If it doesn’t effect pronunciation, I’ve only listed a name once. Some people like traditional spellings, some like names spelled phonetically, and some like to really mix it up. I will leave that up to you. By clustering names with the same ending, you’ll get a better feel for a name you’re considering. Look at Dana, Danna, Deanna, Deena, Dena, Diana, and Dinah. One letter change can make a big difference. You’ll clearly see the most common naming patterns we use, such as the use of -ah endings for girls and -er endings for boys. Do you like a traditional name, but would like a funky variation on it? It’s easily done using this book. Next on the agenda, are you really considering naming your child Gormilleah or Cluneah? In my book, not EVERY possible name is listed. If you want to slog through 10,000 names in alphabetical order, be my guest. This is also not a rehash of the same 100 names you’ll find in any search. The best place to be is right in the middle. I’ve included a good mix of elegant, minimal, traditional, modern, cultural and biblical options you won’t be embarrassed to try out on your spouse. Speaking of…. Is your significant other, best friend, mother or child adamant about a name they want you to use? Has your sister-in-law stolen the name you’d been dreaming of? Is there a name you love, but it reminds you of someone you’d rather never think about again? My advice is to find that name in here and then find a happy alternative. Where did I get all my names you ask? Well, I have to admit that I am something of a name nut. I’ve been keeping lists for years starting at about 12 years old. It’s embarrassing but true. I also scoured the internet for every possible way to search for names. I did not copy and paste huge lists from sites. Every name was considered and selected and then categorized for this book. I also trolled mom forums, read articles about baby name trends, and listened for names in everyday life. I am looking forward to not thinking about names for awhile. Alas, I am not including name meanings. I do apologize. I have highlighted a few names after each section with origin, meaning, and popularity rankings. If meanings are super important to you, remember that the meaning and/or origin can change with the spelling. Also remember that a name can be personally meaningful without the need to worry about what it meant in Old English. My husband and I named our son after a mountain near where we met. I hope you love this book as much as I've loved creating it. What's in a name? A whole lot!

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