Baby Nasal Aspirator – Bubzi Co – Softest Tip – Durable and BPA Free

Baby Nasal Aspirator – Bubzi Co – Softest Tip – Durable and BPA Free
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Is Snot Keeping You and Your Baby Up All Night? It's 3 a.m and your baby wakes up screaming because she can't breathe. She was fussy when you put her down last night but now she's totally congested and suffering. So, you grab the snot sucker to clear out the mucous but she screams and squirms more because that bulb aspirator hurts her tender nose and the pressure is too much for her. Or maybe you pitched the one the hospital gave you and got a baby aspirator guaranteed to work gently and effectively - except you're out of filters or the batteries died. Time to grab your keys and head out to the all-night drug store. Sound familiar? Why Not Start With The Right Tool From The Beginning? Moms across America are discovering the Bubzi Nasal Aspirator does the best job of clearing out their baby's congested nose quickly and easily. We guarantee that our newly designed snot sucker will give your baby instant relief from nasal congestion in 30 seconds or less Keeping your baby safe and healthy is tops on your list, so we built our aspirator with all the features you need: -Soft silicone tip sized to fit without discomfort that won't hurt your baby's nose -Specially designed tube that maximizes suction and control -Free of harmful plastics -Innovative and durable design for easy clean up that can stand up to repeated use Our Guarantee and Bonus: We believe you'll love your Bubzi Baby Nasal Aspirator so much that we back it with a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. We offer free phone support and include a compact carrying case to keep it clean and convenient for travel. LIMITED STOCK DON'T DELAY - Scroll up and click on the ADD TO CART button now, to order one for you, your favorite mom, or that upcoming baby shower.

Technical Details

  • CELEBRATING 500 Reviews Sale On Now! PROTECTS Your Baby's Health By Providing Instant Relief From Nasal Congestion Due To Colds Or Allergies In 30 Seconds Or Less
  • EASY TO USE and Cleans Up In a Snap. Works For Newborns, Older Babies, and Toddlers
  • SOFT SILICONE TIP Designed To Fit Into Your Baby's Nose Without Irritating. Sturdy Design Allows For Repeated Use Over Time
  • UNIQUE DESIGN Allows For Suction Control and Disassembles Easily For Thorough Cleaning - No Danger Of Mold Growth As With Traditional Bulb Aspirators
  • GREAT Baby Shower Gift For Expectant Moms, New Mothers, and Experienced Mothers. Pair With Baby Wipes and a Stack Of Disposable Diapers For An Instant Baby Survival Travel Kit

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