BAKER (DD7A-376C) Direct Drive 7-Speed Transmission


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as of 06/24/2024 (Details)

The DD7 upgrades any existing 2006-later big twin 6 speed to a full 7 speed transmission. The BAKER DD7 is more than just another gear added to the mix for the sake of one-upmanship. The 7th gear enables the motorcycle to now make full use, by way of gear ratio management, of the torque and power put out by the new 96 ci and 110 ci motors rolling off the assembly line in Milwaukee. We did not make this transmission a deep overdrive, rather we shortened 1st gear and tightened up the gears to deliver the riding experience that you were after when you bought your bike. The gear ratios leave you the rider, with the experience of smooth, crisp, continuously pulling acceleration from 1st all the way through 4th gear. Then you are able to start getting into the cruising portion of the program in gears 5th-7th. No big drops in RPM from one gear to the next or lugging the motorcycle off of a stop light, just smooth, uninhibited acceleration.

Technical Details

  • Shorter first gear ratio (numerically higher) to help with the off-the-light get up and go, as well as slow speed maneuvering
  • Fully assembled gear set and shift system; No adjustments needed for installation
  • The DD7 re-uses the stock shifter pawl and includes a new main drive gear bearing and seal, door, top and side cover gaskets
  • Easy to find neutral, every time; Smooth shifting without the stock clunks or 'jerks' when engaging
  • Direct slide in installation; No case modifications needed

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