Bambo Nature Premium Baby Diapers, Mini, Size 2, 6 Pack

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Bambo Nature Baby Diapers are considered one of the very best disposable diapers in the world. Bambo Nature is certified free of “all” dangerous chemicals, not just chlorine-free. There are no phthalates, organotins (MBT, DBT, TBT), heavy metals, Cl (chlorine), HCHO (formaldehyde), colophonium, AZO-pigments, PVC, substances known as harmful to health or the environment, and any compounds listed on the SVHC (REACH Article 33)-a European Union List of Substances of Very High Concern. Bambo Nature is certified free of ALL known allergens or substances classified as locally irritating, sensitizing, carcinogenic, or mutagenic. Bambo Nature is a trusted partner of Healthy Child, Healthy World. Bambo Nature has earned the Nordic Swan Eco-Label and has been called the “best diaper” by and The diapers are approximately 80% biodegradable and 99% compostable; All wood pulp is derived from sustainable tree farms; the manufacturer has released a Life Cycle Assessment proving a reduced amount of emissions and almost no waste. To help minimize impacts on the environment and our health, the manufacturer of Bambo Nature has voluntarily elected to undergo rigorous environmental inspections of their products. The setting of criteria is based on an assessment of impacts during the whole life-cycle-all the way from raw material to production, consumption and waste. Bambo Nature is ultra premium: incredibly soft, highly absorbent, completely breathable. Bambo Nature effectively absorbs heavy wetters the entire night. Say goodbye to “blow outs”! Specially designed to avoid irritating the skin and causing rash. The size of the diaper is printed on the product and they have a wetness indicator.

Technical Details

  • The most absorbent, highest quality diaper in the world; 99% compostable
  • Certified free of dangerous chemicals
  • Certified free of all known allergens

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