Barabajagal –  Donovan

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2005 Digitally re-mastered re-issue that features 13 bonus tracks 'Snakeskin', 'Lauretta's Cousin Laurinda', 'The Swan' (Lord of the Reedy River), 'A Poor Man's Sunshine' (Nativity), 'New Years Resolution' (Donovan's Celtic Jam), 'Runaway' (Demo), 'Sweet Beverley' (Demo), 'Marjorie' (Margarine) (Demo), 'Little White Flower' (Demo), 'Good Morning Mr. Wind' (Demo), 'Palais Girl' (Demo), 'Lord of the Universe' (Demo). on Barabajagal, Donovan made his first steps away from the folk rock of before towards an acid rock sound, with songs such as the title track and Trudi. EMI.

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