BariMelts Iron + Vitamin C Bariatric Vitamins


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as of 04/22/2021 (Details)

At BariMelts, we think life after WLS is hard enough, so we designed our products to help make it easy to stick to your regimen after surgery. Our products taste great, go down smoothly, and won't fill you up and feel like another meal. So get on confidently with your new life after WLS knowing you can stick with a vitamin regimen easily and not have to worry about swallowing or chewing vitamins you don't like. We also want you to feel great knowing you're putting the healthiest things you can into your body after WLS, so our "melts" are Gluten-Free, GMO-Free and made with the most premium ingredients on the market, specially sourced from select regions of the world. Our mission is to "support Bariatric patients in fearlessly living their best lives," so even if you decide that BariMelts aren't right for you, be sure to find vitamins that do and stick with your regimen - it's essential to your success and to living your best life after WLS!

Technical Details

  • Fast-dissolving, great-tasting bariatric Iron! Superior taste to traditional Iron tablets and chewables. Formulated with Carbonyl Iron for maximum comfort, safety and effect.
  • Stick to your vitamin regimen easily with great-tasting tablets that go down smoothly
  • Specially designed to be gentle on your new system and not fill you up
  • The only Bariatric vitamin supplement on the market without artificial sweeteners - made with the world's most pure ingredients. A difference you can taste!
  • Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Chalky-Aftertaste-Free :)

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