BBCare® Baby Non-Slip Bath Mat with Heat Sensitive Spot-Red Fish(15.7*27.6in)


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as of 05/17/2021 (Details)

THANK YOU FOR USING ME ! My temperature indicator lets you know if the water exceeds 37°C. The hot spot turns clear and the following symbol appears: >37°C. During bath time,the bottom of the tub can be slippery andtherefore dangerous for baby. To avoid your child from slipping,you can stick me down firmly thanks tomy 72 outer suction cups and 10 central ones. My bright colours stimulate your baby and make bath time funner! During bath time always stay in the bathing room with the baby.Never leave to answer the phone or door.If you absolutely must leave the bathing room, take your baby with you. Make sure the temperature of the bath water is 37°C before placing your baby in it. Attention: To avoid any risk of drowning, never leave your bby unattended. Tips for use:Dampen the bath with clean water to promote adherence. Place the mat on the bottom of the tub and press down firmly to attach all of the suction cups. After use,rinse with clean water and hang to dry. Warning: Make sure the mat sticks firmly to the bottom of the tub. By using this product you are in no way replacing the requirement for adult supervision. Never leave your baby unattended, not even for an instant.

Technical Details

  • Strong suction cups on the bottom and non slip surface prevents baby/child slipping in the bath
  • A "Hot Spot" gives a quick indication of when the water exceeds 37°C
  • The cute design make bathtime fun
  • Ideal size to fit the bottom of the bath or shower
  • BPA-free, Phthalate-free

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