beachBUB™ Ultra ” The Patio Umbrella Base Made for the Beach ” Guaranteed to work on all Beach Umbrellas


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as of 07/31/2021 (Details)

The beachBUB TM (Beach Umbrella Base, Umbrella not included) is the safest and easiest anchoring device on the market for your beach umbrella. This base can be used with umbrellas that have the pre-attached screw on their bottom pole. The advantage of using our base is that the pole only needs to be inserted or screwed 8" into the sand. Your base will now help prevent your umbrella from tipping over and with 120 lbs attached lesson the chance of your umbrella becoming airborne. The beachBUB TM Ultra is designed specifically for commercial use and every day beach-goers. It holds 120 lbs. of sand, only takes a minute to set up and keeps your umbrella up in a 42 MPH wind. Guaranteed to fit all Beach Umbrella poles. Universal ClaimShell Collar, hook-bolts, and one-time dual-sided tool included. Umbrella NOT INCLUDED. Don't forget to check out the beachBUB Beach Umbrella, our 7.5' beach umbrella. 95% of customers who try our beachBUB ULTRA end up looking for an umbrella that will hold up in very gusty winds. The beachBUB Beach Umbrella is built to commercial specifications so it will stand up to those gusty ocean breezes. Check out the special offer card that comes with your purchase. Recently endorsed by the American LifeGuard Association " The ALA has always been concerned about the serious hazards of Fly-Away Beach Umbrellas caused by unpredictable breezes along the coastlines, and we feel beachBUB offers a unique and easy solution that will prevent many injuries and even lives in the long run". Check out July 2016 Consumer Reports "BEST OF" for "Beach Umbrellas That Won't Blow Away"

Technical Details

  • Beach Umbrella Base Is the Safest and Easiest Anchoring Device on the Market for Your Beach Umbrella. The Beachbub Ultra Is Designed Specifically for Commercial Use and Every Day Beach Goers
  • It Holds 120 Lbs. of Sand, Only Takes a Minute to Set up and Has Been Wind Tested at 42 Mph. Fits Standard Umbrella Poles. Collar, Hookbolts, and One-time Dual-Sided Tool Included. Ages 5-85

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