Bed Rails for Toddlers – Toddler Bed Rail Keep Them Safe at Night from Falling Out of Bed – Includes Belt with Clip to Hold in Place + Additional Extension to Belt!…


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as of 10/04/2022 (Details)

FINALLY they can get the uninterrupted sleep they need to wake up energized and ready for the day. Stop them from rolling out of bed for the last time ever. The Dellabellas Foam Bumper Guard acts as a mini wall you place on their toddler beds, toddler bed mattress or toddler bed frame that will stop any rolling or movement in the night. Keeping them safe and in a deep sleep. Unlike competitor products which can slide and get caught up in the sheets, we have decided to add a clip underneath you can wrap around the mattress to ensure the bumper guard does not go anywhere - and your little one safely sleeping. Our Foam Guard boasts extra thickness and size so there is no possible way your little one can roll out or disturb their sleep, making it even safer for them in the night. Measuring, Height: 6 inches (15.2 centimeter), Width: 7 inches (17.8 centimeter), Length: 52 inches (132 centimeter) the guard provides a good barricade to kids of all sizes. The Guard also packs down very small when compressed due to the High Quality Foam. Since the Bumper guard is part of your childs sleep, we made sure COMFORT was our main priority. With comfort demands high quality materials - with 100 percent Cotton Surface, slow compression foam inside, hypoallergenic - the guard is extremely comfortable and perfectly safe to sleep with. Being also machine washable makes it much easier to clean any stains. Our bed rails for toddlers fits most beds. Help your child build confidence they can sleep calm and feel safe in their bed. ORDER NOW with LIFETIME Guarantee, and make this the last time they roll out of bed.

Technical Details

  • BED RAILS - Does your kid rock and turn in the night? Dellabella bed rail bumper for kids keeps them safe by stopping them from rolling out of bed. Letting them and YOU get uninterrupted deep sleep you deserve. Does not fit king size beds.
  • BEDSIDE SLEEPER WITH CLIP - Modern design with a smart fixation clip that easily wraps under the mattress to keep the foam Crib Rail in place. Now comes with additional extra long belt to fit any size of mattresses.
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE - 100% Cotton cover, and soft slow compression High-density foam inside, the Bumper is not only functional but extremely comfortable! Made of top quality materials, fully safe. Machine washable to easily remove any stains or dirt
  • EASY INSTALL - No need to worry about installing and screwing in a barrier, simply place the Bumper on the bed and you're done. Help your child build confidence they can sleep calm and not worry about falling out of bed.
  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE - Dellabellas bumper is larger than competitor foam guards to ensure theres absolutely no way to roll over in the night, keeping your little one extra safe. Due to the high quality foam it will also compact very small when compressed

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