Bermuda Triangle


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as of 10/24/2021 (Details)

The San Francisco-based Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket and white mask-wearing half man/half chicken space oddity and guitar phenom known as Buckethead (Guns 'n Roses, Praxis, El Stew, Deli Creeps) presents his latest futuristic creation, a collage of hip hop and electro-esque beats, dark and eerie samples, and live instrumentation played by Buckethead and producer Extrakd (El Stew, Gonerville). One track features blazing live drumming by current Guns 'n Roses member and good friend Brain. This recording was made on a portable digital 8-track while making trips to L.A. and the Bay Area. Fans of instrumental hip hop, trip hop and burning guitar pyrotechnics will love this.

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