Best 6″ Bully Sticks for Dogs (TRIAL 6-PK) Made in USA~Grass-Fed, Kosher AMERICAN Beef~No Antibiotics No Growth Hormones 100% Grain-Free~by Sancho & Lola’s Closet


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as of 04/02/2023 (Details)

Our bully sticks are not mass-produced so they will not be perfect. These are hand-made on small ranches in the USA. They will never be as uniform as ones at Petco and other big box stores, which are usually from South America or China. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied, so if you ever have any issues we will always address your concerns. However, we do not guarantee perfect, uniform sticks - this is actually a sign of a processed or mass-produced product. (Think Walmart frozen pizza crust vs one tossed at a local Italian pizzeria). We do NOT guarantee that our product will be ODORLESS, just that our product will be from GRASS-FED Cattle, not treated with Growth Hormones, Steroids or Antibiotics--in other words "Organic". Odor-Free versions treat them with bleach and formaldehyde to mask odors.As far as color, our bullys will range from tan to an espresso color, and may have streaks, knots and wrinkles, as real live tissue reacts this way when it is baked. They could be thick on one end and thin on the other--none will look identical (like snowflakes). On some, you may even see small pockets of fat. If you consider these signs of an inferior product, then you would be happier getting your bullys from a company that mass-produces them like hot dogs. If you read our reviews on odor, it can be confusing. Opinions range from "these have no smell" to "these stink." The truth is, smell is relative. If you are comparing to rawhide or beef tendon (despite how some companies describe them, to lesson the ick factor, real bully sticks are neither), so yes, you might find ours to have an odor most dogs go crazy for. Most customers tell us ours are on the moderate level. *Our Mantra is "Pet Products with a Purpose" because our brand was founded on the belief that every dog deserves a forever home. A portion of sales from all our products benefit Sancho & Lola's Rescue and a few other Canine Charities

Technical Details

  • *BEST QUALITY: 100% Sourced From USA~Grass-Fed Kosher AMERICAN Beef. Hormone-Free, Antibiotic-Free
  • VALUE: The Caliber of USA Bully Sticks you Find at Boutique Pet Stores for $4-5 a piece! Our 6-PK Trial Size allows you to test drive our bullys if you have never had them before before making the commitment to our 12-PKS!
  • CALMING: Nature's "Xanax." Bullys Provide an 'Oral Fixation' So Dogs Are Less Anxious and Less DESTRUCTIVE.
  • MAINTAIN ORAL HEALTH: Bullys Are Natural Muscle Fiber, They Stimulate Gums and Clean Teeth.

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