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Miami Vice it was gritty, steamy and sensual, from its sultry, edgy Jan Hammer-composed theme song, to the plotline of two no-nonsense vice squad cops (Don Johnson's Sonny Crockett and Philip Michael Thomas' Ricardo Tubbs). Enmeshed in the seedy underbelly of Miami's dark and dangerous drug world, Miami Vice not only became a popular TV show, but an influence on the pop culture that was extensive and far reaching. The show set trends it could not foresee especially in fashion and in how television utilized music. While the music helped define the show, it largely was inspired by a certain musical venture called MTV. The visual styling of the show, set the standard for many shows to come, including Homicide: Life On The Street, NYPD Blue, Law And Order and CSI Miami. Actually, musical integration on various TV series' is largely a result of Miami Vice, which raised the bar on television production in every aspect.

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