BestLine 853796001450 Premium Synthetic Power-Train Lubricant – 16 oz.


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as of 05/17/2021 (Details)

BestLine Power-Train lubricant is the most advanced power-train treatment and is compatible with all other fluids and gear oils. It cleans the valve body and plates, allowing for a quicker and more efficient shift and cooler operation temperature for the automatic transmission. The power-train lube treats gears and bearings with a protective coating that resists wear while allowing for quicker and more efficient operations in standard transmissions/differentials. It enhances the efficiency of the water pump, lubricates the bearings, while coating the radiator with a protective layer to reduce oxidation and improve flow of coolant.

Technical Details

  • Ultimate power-train protection for automatic transmissions, standard transmissions, power steering, differentials, and water pumps
  • Most advanced power-train treatment
  • Compatible to perform equally as well with synthetic or mineral based fluids and lubes
  • Exceeds performance standards to reduce friction, heat, and wear
  • Improves efficiency of driveline, which can relate to long term reduced repair cost and fuel consumption

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