Bios Memorial Pet Loss Urn for your Dog, Cat, Bird, Horse or Small Animal

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Back to nature... The "Bios Memorial Pet Loss Urn" is the first biodegradable urn designed to transform your beloved pet into a tree after life. How to plant Bios Urn? The Bios Urn is very simple to use. First, just place the ashes in the lower part, closing the urn with the upper capsule. After planting the 12.5 inch urn, then just mix the starter components found in the upper capsule, adding additional soil from the site where you are going to plant the urn. These components allow for proper seed germination. Finally, add the seed or sproutling in the upper capsule. What type of seeds can I use with Bios Urn? You can use any seed or young plant. In fact, we recommend that you consult with an expert to find out what type of tree, flowering bush or plant would be best for your environment. Can I use Bios Urn with old ash? Yes! Your Bios Urn may be used with ashes saved from another urn or from years past. In fact, if you already have the ash in your home, you may purchase your Bios Urn and plant it wherever you want. WHY OUR CUSTOMER LOVE BIOS URN: It is innovative. It is useful. It is aesthetic. It is understandable. It is discrete. It is honest. It is long-lasting. It is self-explanatory. It is sustainable. It's design is democratic. It's shape describes its function. It's price is reasonable. It is simple. Less, but better. Click ADD TO CART (above) to order your Bios Urn today.

Technical Details

  • WHAT IS THE BIOS URN? - Urna Bios is a biodegradable urn, designed to turn the ashes of your pet into a tree (pine tree seeds included). Heaven sent for dogs and cats, but many of our customers use their Bios Urn for their horse, hamsters, mice, reptiles, fish, Guinea pigs, Snakes, Iguanas and Ferret creamation remains. Thanks to its proprietary design, the urn provides proper germination and growth of any tree or plant of your choosing. The perfect pet memorial, far better than a memorial box.
  • WHAT IS THE URNS PURPOSE? - The intent of this cremation urn for pets is to offer users an alternative for remembering deceased companion animals in a natural, sustainable fashion, thereby turning the
  • WHY LESS IS BETTER - Both the product and its function imply an environmental, social and economic improvement. It leaves no trace of identification that it has been used... other than a tree of life. While pet memorial jewelry, pet memorial picture frames, personalized pet memorials, pet memorial markers, pet memorial plaques, memorial dog ornaments, and cat memorial statues have their place... the Bios Urn is simple. It's perfect. Less, but better.
  • WHY OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE US - Explore Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorials, Near & Dear Pet Memorials, Angel Star, Best Friend Services, Cathedral Art, Perfect Memorials, Grasslands Road, UrnsDirect2U... there are many good choices, but which is best for your pet? Read our reviews and discover why our customers prefer returning their loved ones to nature.
  • EVEN YOUR PET WOULD APPROVE - Your Earth friendly Pet Urn is perfectly sized to receive most ashes, allowing them to be lovingly reborn through nature. Be creative and include your pets pictures, collars, hair clippings and other keepsakes within your Bios urn... this personalized pet memorial will honor your pets life. Begin to heal by transforming your grief into a return to life with a living pet memorial in your garden.

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