Birds of the World (4 CD-ROM)

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Birds of the World is the ultimate reference collection on birds. Included in this content-rich box set are four CD-ROMs on the subject, forming a collection that is perfect for the serious birder as well as the whole family. Literally thousands of species are covered. From LANIUS Software comes the highly authoritative and feature-rich title The North American Bird Reference Book, which contains information, maps, photographs, and bird songs on 910 species. Also included in this special set are Birds of the World and The Encyclopedia of Australian Birds. Both are informative multimedia CDs that include video clips, maps, and plenty of information. Finally, from Second Nature Software, the world's top producer of high-quality screen savers, comes their great Hummingbirds title. Birds of the World is the perfect gift for anyone interested in the fascinating life of birds and will make a great addition to any home or school reference library.

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