Birdsbesafe® Cat Collar Cover


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as of 03/22/2023 (Details)

The Birdsbesafe Cat Collar Cover will help songbirds see your hunting cat because birds notice bright colors like these. Birds see these colors quickly and easily. The bird then usually has time to fly away to safety. Most cat owners find that their cat catches significantly fewer birds as a result. Some birds may still be caught. No guarrantee is made that all birds be protected from all cats, but in 2015, a scientific study was published that showed an 87% reduction in birds killed by cats wearing our product. (Use your own cat collar or purchase separately/not included)

Technical Details

  • Birdsbesafe cat collar cover warns birds of cat's presence. (Use with your own cat collar or purchase separately/not included)
  • Brightly colored collar cover is easily visible to birds whose eyes see bright colors especially well
  • Fabric tube-shaped collar cover is patented in U.S.. Safe for cat when used with breakaway collar.
  • Comfortable for cat, and it can be worn 24/7. (Inner collar NOT included).
  • Has reflective trim that makes cat more visible to cars at night

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