Bitter Apple Spray For Dogs & Cat Deterrent PRO Training Aid for Destructive Pets from Petseer


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as of 01/25/2022 (Details)

Pets chewing or scratching on things can be frustrating to pet owners. With our proven Bitter Dog Repellent Spray, even the most "naughty" dog or cat will be deterred instantly. Just a few quick, Easy Sprays will do the trick - see images above. It also works on many items and surfaces such as furniture, plants, shoes, paws, wounds, walls, electrical cords and many more (pictured above). It is stain proof for your home and allergy free for your pets as well as you. Our formula promotes healing on hot spots and wounds by featuring a patented tea tree oil agent. It is safe for your pets and does not contain any harmful ingredients, so your pet won't become sick if they lick on their wounds or other surfaces. ORDER NOW for our Risk Free, 90 Day Guarantee!

Technical Details

  • LONG LASTING BITTER TASTE - Our bitter taste last longer than Grannick's Bitter Apple and other brands. Perfect cat and dog repellent spray.
  • ELIMINATE DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS - Designed to deter pet chewing and scratching on furniture, plants, wounds, walls, cords and more!
  • 100% SAFE & STAIN PROOF - Perfect for all dogs and cats. No harmful ingredients, allergy free for pets & humans.
  • HOT SPOT FREE DOGS- Perfect hot spot treatment, features tea tree oil to heal hot spots, wounds.
  • SAVE YOUR HOME & GARDEN - Made in USA. ORDER NOW for our 90 Days Risk Free Guarantee!

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