Black 1993-2013 LocEzy Security Theft Deterrent Lock/fastening System for Harley Touring Motorcycle Saddlebags


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as of 03/20/2023 (Details)

1993 - 2013 LocEzy's® Harley Davidson saddlebags will be more secure and reduce the chance of theft, or the stock Bailhead quick/twist release system coming loose and your bags go flying down the highway beside you instead of with you! With this LocEzy® Saddlebag Mounting/Theft Deterrent set up, you do not need any tools at all to use them. They screw on the same way that the entire bolt Theft Deterrent Systems being sold by me or other manufacturers sell. Into their supplied U-Clips, only difference is by hand and not a wrench. They are the right length so as not to protrude thru the threaded part of the U-Clip to far making it virtually impossible to get to with pliers or any other tools to unscrew them. As with any of the Theft Deterrent Systems being sold, if the thief pry's or breaks the top of the saddle bag open, they have just ruined what they were trying to take from you. The Saddlebag itself. So what you have here is a good looking, LocEzy® system that requires no special tools to keep up with or having to dig out of your tool bag in the bottom of you fully packed saddlebag. LocEzy® makes it difficult for a thief to steal your saddlebags and the contents in them, but not using this system or any Saddlebag Theft Deterrent System sure makes it easier for the thief to ruin your day. This kit will fit Harley Davidson saddlebags, and take the place of the Bailhead quick release pins and receptacles that came stock on your bike. In picture #6, the approximate distance from point A to point B is 5/8's. Even less if you don't use the lock washer. Please ask all questions before purchasing. Be sure this item is in your year range. 1993 - 2013.

Technical Details

  • Black 1993-2013 LocEzy® Mounts/Security Theft Deterrent System for Harley Davidson Touring Bike Hard Saddlebags
  • Fits Harley Davidson Years 1993-2013
  • All Black Knobs with Black Bolts Replace Stock Bailhead Quick Release Pins
  • This kit includes all you need for both saddlebags
  • All Brand NEW Hardware!

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