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The Auto Expressions Professional Tint Film offers a quality window tint for cars, trucks, vans and home use. This film applies easily by just pressing on and holds instantly by static cling with no glue required. Removable and reusable, the window tints come in various shades and degrees of darkness. The lower the number, the darker the film. For professional-looking installation, all you need is a utility knife, straight razor, spray bottle, and professional, pointed squeegee. This tint has been tested for endurance, clarity, quality, fade and bubble factors. This popular higher-quality tint is made with a metalized layer to reflect heat and a scratch-resistant coating. This film measures 26 x 78 inches.

Technical Details

  • Easy to apply, just press on
  • Holds instantly by static cling with no glue required
  • Removable and reusable
  • In various shades and degrees of darkness
  • Measures 26 x 78 inches

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