Bodytechnix Neck Head Hammock Kit for Back & Neck Pain Relief | Neck Stretcher & Cervical Neck Traction Device | Spine Decompression Neck Pillow for Physical Therapy


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as of 05/27/2022 (Details)

Whether you got your neck pain from exercise, doing office work or staying on the same position for a long time, the Bodytechnix Hammock is here to help you get back on track - no matter where you may be! Stop suffering from neck pain! Start relieving yourself of the neck pain when you get this neck sling hammock.Designed with Extra Strength and Support With an unbreakable bungee chord and upgraded stainless steal hooks, you can be sure that it will keep you safe and secure while using this product! Use them on doors, railings or any space where you can hang this hammock!Neck Pain ReliefThis hammock for neck pain helps release stress and free yourself from pain as it circulate your blood when it stretches your body from your neck down to your spine.Portable and Easy to Carry AroundBring this neck sling hammock with you every where you go and get the chance to relieve yourself of pain even when you are away from home! With just 10 to 15 minutes a day, you can enjoy your day without pain!Melt away pain and discomfort with our accessoriesBodyTechnix's Head Hammock comes with a lacrosse massage ball to help stretch sore and fatigued muscles, a fitness band for strength and flexibility, and an eye mask At Bodytechnix we strive to create innovative products to strengthen your body! Add our head hammock to cart for better health and wellness

Technical Details

  • BENEFITS: BodyTechnix's Head Hammock is a relaxation device that works by gently pulling the head away from the neck to stretch and decompress the spinal cord for increased blood circulation, relaxes the surrounding muscles, relieve pain, and increases the mobility of the neck and shoulders.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED & ADJUSTABLE: The Hammock takes only 10-15 minutes a day and is the easiest, most portable, one-size-fits-all solution for your back and neck pain - perfect for athletes, long flights, business trips, long work days, and most importantly your well-being. We've incorporated the latest design for maximum comfort!
  • BONUS RELAXATION ITEMS: Each Kit comes with a lacrosse ball for massaging and stretching stiff muscles, a fitness band to increase your flexibility and strength, and an eye mask for added comfort
  • GREAT QUALITY, COMFORT, & SAFETY - Made from 100% cotton and memory impact foam, with an upgraded, unbreakable cord, heavy duty hooks and stainless-steel metal for a safety use. Perfect gift for your mom, dad or friends.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - We take the customer experience as the top priority. That's why we include a lifestyle warranty and money back guarantee

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